If We Go Down We Go Down Together

If We Go Down We Go Down Together

Every Jewish Superman needs his foil. And It seems Anglo-American Old Jewry has met its ultimate match with its scorned messianic sidekick. While the world is waiting with bated breath for the massacre that’s about to go down in Gaza, two things have been established:

1. Radical Messianic Zionists hold the legacy of world Jewry hostage; and this is demonstrated by the acquiescence of the world media in claiming that actually Hamas blew up their own hospital rather than the IDF. This narrative conveniently has the dual purpose of portraying Hamas as a much larger threat with the aid of Iran, but also insane terrorist nazis that are inhuman, both of which force the hand of world media to run cover for what is turning into more & more the greatest shande the world has ever seen. Curiously, every outlet but the BBC & Sky news has made a stand against labeling Hamas as terrorists, & calling out Naftali Bennet for the bombing of children.

2. As the recent mixed messaging from Biden & Blinken has shown, Likud’s utilization of classic Jewish cry bully tactics has reduced American-Jewry to its knees as they concede that Israel has the right to defend itself while in the same breath fecklessly calling for humanitarian aid & zero leverage negotiations for religious Jewry to back away from the point of no return.

Do you see the circular logic here?

Messianic Militias seize further will to power

While liberal internationalist Jews have been working for a cooling in Israeli foreign relations, radical inbred Kahanists of the Jewish power party & Religious Zionists (formerly Tkuma) have been putting their lives on the line for decades to further political messianisms ultimate goal of achieving Greater Israel & seizing the Temple Mount once & for all.

Since the Israel-Hamas war began Gvir has wasted no time in issuing 400 thousand gun permits, & giving out 10,000 weapons to settlers in the west bank. The Palestinian death toll in the West Bank is set to surpass 100 as the conflict goes on.

The Wartime Knesset pushes municipal elections to January 30, instead of next week buying further time for Likud to seize further concessions from the opposition. As the world waits for the ground offensive Likud is sure to crackdown further on any dissenting Knesset members that speak out during a time of war. An ongoing battle for Biden & the opposition liberals in Israel has been pushing for the war cabinet to allow aid through to Gaza, that Gvir has staunchly fought against.

The following interview is with Ofer Cassif one of the only dissenting members of the Knesset who fears that a civil war is brewing within Israel. He has since been suspended from the Knesset.

I24 has called on the people of Israel to report anyone who countersignals Israels propaganda war for the hearts & minds of the nations, sewing terror within the domestic so as not to speak out about Bibi & Likud.

Further domestic concessions are sure to be made the longer Likud drags out this war & controls the narrative, as the people of Israel are once again falling in line as the Jewish community is misled by the latest cabinet of the Sanhedrin. Which Bibi has signaled will be a long and grueling one.

Until then we have a one sided regional conflict that will continue to escalate & build pressure to make sure that Iran & the greater Arab world is forced to join the war once the IDF decides to put boots on the ground. Centuries of visionary foreign policy carried out by Anglo-American Jewry hangs in the balance & Religious Jewry collectively are ready to hit the red button that would set into motion a truly global war of Biblical proportion.