The Hamiltonian Uniform

The Hamiltonian Uniform

Normal people that engage in polite society talk to one another & are sociable creatures. A common idea that is presented in intrapersonal communication classes, in varying percentiles, is that most communication is nonverbal.

This sort of rizzless systematizing is so that teachers can instruct ill-trained boys & girls striving for an HR position how to signal in the real world. Decorum at the dinner table & keeping your child sat in the pew is another tragic casualty of modernity. That said a Lo-Jeffersonian schlub can put on the Hamiltonian uniform & get his shine on to make the world his oyster.

Game is game & we are all players in it.

Looking unkempt, smelling bad & having no drip isn’t because you are above it all, it is because you are a loser.

Doin Too Much

In want of being normal many unassuming game emulators stumble upon PUA Gurus shilling courses on how to groom women to become camwhores, how to balance Tren load with a healthy intake of cage free kosher eggs, or style guides on how to dress like a working class hipster to try & sleep with your 20 something Tinder date as a middle aged man.

As world renowned Pimponomics expert Dr. Paul Skallas Town astutely points out, no matter how stress free your chicken & beef may be, a fellow traveler on the streets of concrete could lay you out while subsisting on nothing more than honey buns & chocolate milk.

A Hamiltonion carries a certain air about him

Moderate in habit, the Hamiltonian approaches the world donned in his uniform as his nation's obedient & humble servant, envisioning a martial nation of one accord, steadfastly on the watch for Jeffersonian free traders dumping polyester blends upon our sovereign shores to try & crush native pastoral husbandry.

The Hamiltonian has Game on the mind for his house & his Nation. He takes no part in mindlessly scrolling through lifestyle adverts on social media, other than for case studies & people watching. Aggregating women & old books is the Hamiltonian's downtime. He is the Main Character & after he hones mastery of self he next looks to the world.

Wool is the Answer

Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee. - Leviticus 19:19

Hamiltonian figures such as Friedrich List & Erasmus Peshine Smith knew the truth found in God's law & made manifest the power of Wool in National Political Economy.

How’s that for thinking of the Roman Republic?
The preceding excerpts are from Friedrich List's Histories of National Political Economy
Erasmus Peshine Smith's Manual of Political Economy P.222

I could go on. But the Woolen coat is clearly the sovereign God-given garment of choice to grace the body of the Hamiltonian (I mean just look how good Pusheen looks in it 😎😼). And fastidiously grooming one’s self beyond what is normal is for fatherless boys seeking validation where none shall be found.